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Basic things

1What is The Lending Bank?

 We are Instant Personal Loan Platform for individuals, where you can apply for a Loan of up to ₹ 50 Lakh. The Lending Bank  acts as a technology intermediary and facilitates this Personal Loans from regulated lenders to individuals. The documentation is very minimal, and the entire process starting from registration to disbursement does not take more than 15 minutes. The application process is completely online, and on approval, the cash is immediately transferred to the bank account of the user.

2Who can apply?

Any Indian individual above the age of 21 years, who is salaried or has a monthly source of income may apply for a Personal Loan or Credit Card

3What is the advantage of availing a personal loan through The Lending Bank ?

It usually takes anywhere from 4 – 7 days to avail a Personal Loan from a bank, which also requires a lot of documentation and frequent visits to the branch office. However, The Lending Bank Loan process is entirely online, and it hardly takes 15 minutes for the entire process depending on your information. The amount is transferred directly to your bank account, available for use anytime and anywhere as per your convenience.

4What all purposes can you utilize the Personal Loan for?

You can take a loan for various reasons - It could be to gift your loved ones, or to take care of a medical emergency or for shopping or an online sale you do not want to miss! Situations and opportunities do not come with a notification, and we want you to be prepared for anything and everything.

5Are there any hidden fee components that you charge?

No. All our charges are transparent and communicated to the user upfront. 

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Loan repayment

1Can I repay my loan early?

Yes, you can pre-pay your loan as and when you want.

2What is my repayment schedule?

Repayment of the loan will happen monthly on an EMI (equated monthly installment) basis where the amount will be calculated based on amortizing balance. One or two of the installments might be different which will depend on the timing of the loan.

3How will you disburse the loan amount?

Soon after the loan is approved, the funds will be transferred right into your bank account.

4How do I get a confirmation about the repayment I make?
You will receive an SMS on repayment and an email confirming the closure of your Personal Loan Account from us.

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Other questions

1What is APR?

Annual Percentage Rate or APR is the expression of total annual cost for the loan in terms of percentage. It includes interest rate as well as other fees provided for availing the loan like processing fees, assessment fees etc. This gives the actual cost of borrowing and is necessary for customers to understand the real amount they would have to pay for taking a loan.

2Are the transactions on The Lending Bank safe?
Yes, the transactions are secured via a 128-bit SSL encryption.
3What is Down payment?

Down payment is the upfront amount that you need to pay before you can avail a loan amount. It is similar to a vehicle or housing loan where loan amount is sanctioned for only some part of the product price.

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